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Plastic Septic Tanks/Risers
Warranties apply IF installed according to manufactures guidelines.




Available from 300 gallon sphere to 1500 gallon



Our 300 gallon spheres are designed to be used as a holding tank or pump tank. Unlike our ribbed tanks, these tanks may remain in the ground when empty. These tanks are furnished with a watertight domed lid and include a molded-in elevated pump stand on the bottom of the tank.



Eco-Flow Peat Filtering System





Ecoflo ® is one of the most recommended compact wastewater treatment systems on the market. Its performance during tests is always well above certification requirements. It’s not surprising that more than 30,000 families have made it their own!  

Wastewater from the septic tank flows to the Ecoflo ® and is spread evenly over the surface of the natural peat filter medium.

The Ecoflo® system is an excellent alternative to a standard disposal field. It can be adapted to all types of sites and often significantly reduces the surface area needed to install an individual wastewater treatment system. Ecoflo ® blends into your landscape with only the access lid showing above ground.



The unique structure of these tanks provides better mechanical resistance. The tanks are made of polyethylene, so they are lightweight, easy to transport and can be easily installed on sites that are difficult to access. Their single-piece design makes the tanks water-tight, minimizing odors as well as infiltration and exfiltration risks.

Our septic tanks provide competitive advantages:

  • Made of highly resistant polyethylene (ideal for small sites or difficult access)
  • Air tight and water tight
  • Easy to transport, handle, and install
  • Corrosion resistant




Plastic Distribution Boxes or Basins

12" Dia Round with solid top or grate, 4" inlets & outlets,

any height

20" Dia. Round with solid top or grate, with 4" or 6" in/outs





Nyloplast:  custom ordered or

Purchase a 4 foot base, fabricate on site to fit your specifications.  Cut to any height and/or angle, and in & out desire.  H20 Load with Cast Iron Grates.


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